Primary school at 66 Bezruča Street Trenčín




Primary School was established on 7 th September 1964.  In January 1965 the school gymnasium and in May 1965 the school canteen were added.
School has 8 classes of Elementary School / 1st – 4th grade / and 9 classes of High School / 5th – 9th grade / with a total number of students 421. Students at both levels can do an extra language program – there are two classes with enlarged studies of English at Elementary School and five classes at High School. English lessons start in the 1st grade and gifted students who passed a special exam can start in language classes in the 3rd grade. In the 7th grade German and French lang uages are added. English and American lectors have been ocassionaly teaching in language classes for a couple of years.

Since August 2006 school has been led by Mgr. Ivan Pavlík. School employs 27 teachers and 4 educators in 4 sections of School Club. Children from 6 to 10 attend School Club after lessons. They develop here their knowledge obtained at school, craft skills, physical condition through specialized activities. During summer holidays club stuff organizes for children camp in nature with touristic activities.
Students have an opportunity to enter leisure activities, e.g. Information Technology Club, Model Making Club, Medical Club, Drama, Art and Dance Clubs and different sports clubs, e.g. Floorball, Karate, Handball, Gymnastics and lots of others.
School enables integration of students with special education problems into common school system. Since 1996 school has added facilities for handicapped children - the gate, toilets and  last school year a special lift for wheel chairs was built.
The teachers stuff participate in national school programs „Infovek“, „ Health Supporting School“, „ Open School“  and in an international program „Socrates Comenius“. This program keeps our school in touch with schools in Lichtenstein, Lithuania, Italy  and Austria. Last April our school hosted teachers and students from partner schools in an international Socrates meeting and all participants were welcomed by Lord Mayor in the Town Hall.
Every year skiing practise course and excursions are organized. Gifted students take part in different competitions – literary, art, language, mathematical, chemical, sports and lots of them have won prizes in national competitions. The most tallented were awarded by the local authorities at the end of the school year. Students led by teachers publish school newspaper called zá / Školáčik / documenting important events in school life.

Symbol of our school is a little smiling sun.